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Škofja Loka

has been home to endless stories for more than 1,000 years. 'Our house', as we have called it ever since childhood, is no exception. The almost 300-year-old house, which stands prominently on the left bank of the Selca Sora river, has had several local names: 'Stara prajerca', 'pri Moharju', and 'pri Ogrinu'.

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My family

My family has been present in the house for over 100 years. For all the reasons mentioned, but above all because I simply love Škofja Loka and this house, I decided that I would become part of the town's tourist story and, in doing so, bring both the house and the town to the attention of visitors.
The various owners have responsibly renovated the interior of the building throughout the years, and soon renovation work is planned on the exterior, which will also enhance the appearance of Škofja Loka.

The entrance to the building is at street level. To reach the first floor, where the apartments are located, you go down the internal staircase.

This is a special feature of the house and there is a stanza dedicated to it in the old 'Loka hymn':
Že v Prajerci ta stari zreš pravi umotvor,
takoj si v tretjem štuku, brez de bi šou kej gor.
(In the old prajerca you look up
already you are in the tnird flor)

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In order to respect history and Loka's artisans, the decoration of the apartments has taken inspiration from the various artisanal guilds that have been present in Škofja Loka since the mid 15th century.

With a warm welcome,

Neja Jerneja Šimenc
your host